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Interex from Neuro Resource Group:

The interex is the wonderful modality option that we have had positive results with reducing pain and tension.  Interex.jpg
Please go to the website for information designed for both consumers and medical professionals.  Patients interested in purchasing an Interex can call our office for an information packet.
Web address:
Erchonia Laser:
The Erchonia laser is a low level laser developed by a company that spends a significant amount of effortErchonia.png develpoing and producing clinical trials to support the use of the laser.  The erchonia laser is the first low level laser to be granted market clearance from the FDA.. 
Please visit the Erchonia website for more information.
Web address:

Active Therapeutic Movements (ATM):
According to, "An ATM based treatment is a combined clinician/patient effort to manage and control acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.
Significant results of lowered pain level, improved range of movement, general feeling, and functional goals have been achieved with patients immediately during and after treatment. These achievements are then maintained and controlled by the patient her/himself using an ATM2 system". for more information

Is Core Stabilization Really Effective for Back Pain? by Steve Hoffman